Lexington Law vs. Sky Blue Credit Repair

(June 2024)

Lexington Law vs Sky Blue Credit Repair

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When it comes to choosing between Lexington Law and Sky Blue Credit Repair, your decision depends on your unique credit needs, budget, and preferences. After a careful analysis, the scale leans toward Sky Blue Credit Repair for several compelling reasons.

Sky Blue Credit Repair excels in providing a straightforward, budget-friendly, and transparent credit repair service. Here’s why it’s the top pick:

  • Sky Blue’s pricing structure is clear and uncomplicated. 
  • Sky Blue goes the extra mile to offer a 90-day money-back guarantee. 
  • Sky Blue offers responsive support with experts available to assist you when needed.
  • Sky Blue’s 35-day dispute cycle expedites your credit repair journey, which is a valuable advantage if you’re eager to see results.
  • Sky Blue Credit Repair personalizes dispute letters, focusing on your specific credit issues. 

Lexington Law is a close alternative owing to its experience, reputation, legal expertise, customized approach, wide range of services, free consultation, among other features.

It’s totally up to you!

If you are on the lookout for a simple, affordable, and reliable credit repair solution to handle frequent credit concerns and disputes, Sky Blue Credit Repair is a great option, but consider Lexington Law if you need a more thorough and qualified credit restoration service, especially for complex credit issues and legal challenges.

You do realize what you need, right?

Be aware, though, that while these businesses may guide you through the process of disputing false information on your credit reports, it is equally crucial to take proactive measures to manage your credit responsibly and develop improved financial skills.

Why Choose Lexington Law

Lexington Law vs Credit Saint Credit Repair

Who Lexington Law Is Best For

Consider using Lexington Law if you:

  • Have inaccuracies, unfair entries, or unverified negative items on your credit reports, such as collections, late payments, charge-offs, bankruptcies, foreclosures, and more.
  • Desire to challenge and dispute negative items with both the credit bureaus and creditors, with the aim of rectification or removal.
  • Require legal support and guidance from reputable attorneys and paralegals who possess expertise in credit laws and consumer rights.
  • Prefer a credit repair solution fit for your specific needs and financial objectives.
  • Place value on identity theft insurance and credit monitoring as integral components of your credit repair service.

Who Lexington Law Is Not Right For

Avoid Lexington Law if you:

  • Have a strong credit score and do not require credit improvement.
  • Are capable of disputing negative items on your credit reports independently without incurring fees.
  • Seek a quicker and more cost-effective credit repair service that doesn’t involve legal professionals or paralegals.
  • Are uncomfortable with potential services bills you didn’t request or authorize.

Why Choose Sky Blue Credit Repair

Sky Blue Credit Repair

Who Sky Blue Credit Repair Is Best For

Opt for Sky Blue Credit Repair if you:

  • Seek a straightforward and transparent credit repair service, free from concealed fees or tiered pricing.
  • Desire a personalized and effective approach to disputing negative items on your credit reports with dispute letters.
  • Require expert guidance and advice on enhancing your credit score and how to restructure your credit history.
  • Favor a dispute resolution process that quickens the credit repair journey.
  • Value responsive and helpful customer support.

Who Sky Blue Credit Repair Is Not Right For

Seek alternatives to Sky Blue Credit Repair if you:

  • Are content with your current credit score and have no intention of enhancing it.
  • Need to challenge more than 15 negative items during each 35-day cycle.
  • Require additional services such as credit monitoring, identity theft protection, or assistance with goodwill letters.
  • Prefer a more personalized and interactive credit repair service involving legal professionals or paralegals.
  • Seek a credit repair company that provides a money-back guarantee or a free trial.

Lexington Law vs. Sky Blue Credit Repair: Main Differences

Ideal For 

Sky Blue Credit Repair is an excellent choice for individuals seeking a straightforward, budget-friendly, and dependable credit repair service to address common credit issues and disputes.

On the other hand, Lexington Law provides a more comprehensive and professional credit repair service, particularly for intricate credit problems and legal matters.

Pricing Plans

Sky Blue Credit Repair offers an uncomplicated pricing structure, comprising a $99 one-time setup fee and a $99 monthly fee, regardless of the extent of disputes or services required.

In contrast, Lexington Law offers three service tiers, ranging from $89.95 to $129.95 per month, coupled with a $100 one-time setup fee. Lexington Law also provides supplementary services for extra fees, such as identity theft protection and credit monitoring.

Standout Features 

Both companies provide similar services, including disputing negative credit items, sending goodwill letters to creditors, and delivering credit education and coaching.

Nevertheless, Lexington Law boasts an advantage in terms of legal expertise and experience. Operating as a law firm, it employs lawyers and paralegals capable of addressing intricate credit issues and utilizing legal strategies to enhance credit scores.

Lexington Law vs. Sky Blue Credit Repair: Standout Features


See here some of the reasons why Lexington stands out:

  • Complimentary Credit Repair Consultation: Begin with a free credit repair consultation to determine the ideal plan for you.
  • Legal Expertise: Benefit from the extensive experience of its attorneys and paralegals who understand the law and how to use it to your advantage.
  • Identity Theft Protection: Safeguard yourself with identity theft insurance, shielding you from the financial and credit repercussions of identity theft.
  • Discount Opportunities: Access various discounts, including a generous 50% discount for military members and spouses of existing clients.
  • Proven Success Record: Trust its impressive track record, with over 81 million removals from clients’ credit reports since 2004.

Sky Blue Credit Repair

Here are some of the factors that gives Sky Blue competitive edge:

  • Guaranteed Satisfaction: Secure your financial peace of mind with Sky Blue Credit Repair’s 90-day money-back guarantee. Try its service risk-free for six days before committing.
  • Expert Credit Services: Access professional credit analysis, dispute resolution, credit score enhancement, and personalized credit coaching sessions. Uncover inaccuracies, challenge negative items, boost your credit score, and rebuild your credit history.
  • Custom Solutions: Take advantage of customizable services including debt validation, goodwill letters, cease and desist letters, and mortgage preparation. Design your credit repair to your unique needs, from dealing with debt collectors to preparing for homeownership.
  • Transparent Pricing: Enjoy a straightforward pricing structure with a flat monthly fee of $99, coupled with a one-time setup fee of $99. No hidden charges or complicated tiers. Couples benefit from a 50% discount, paying just $149 per month.
  • Swift Resolution: Experience a rapid 35-day dispute cycle to hasten your credit repair journey. Sky Blue Credit Repair sends an unlimited number of disputes, including re-disputes, to both credit bureaus and creditors every 35 days.

Pros and Cons of Lexington Law

  • Offers free credit repair consultations to guide your plan choice.
  • Employs experienced legal professionals skilled in credit law.
  • Provides identity theft insurance for added protection.
  • Boasts a track record of over 81 million credit report removals since 2004.
  • Offers multiple discounts for military members and spouses of existing clients.
  • Charges higher fees between $89.95 to $129.95 monthly, plus a $99.95 setup fee, which is often more expensive than competitors.
  • Lacks refund options and provides no money-back guarantee or free trial, leaving you without recourse if dissatisfied.
  • Limits dispute volume, and restricts monthly disputes to potentially slow down the credit repair process.
  • Faces CFPB complaints and has multiple complaints filed with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), suggesting issues with customer service and billing practices.
  • Deals with legal issues and currently battles a CFPB class action lawsuit for alleged violations of consumer protection laws and unauthorized fee charges.

Pros and Cons of Sky Blue Credit Repair

  • Offers a risk-free trial. You can try it free for six days and enjoy a 90-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.
  • Provides transparent pricing. Pay a flat $99 monthly fee with no hidden charges, and couples receive a 50% discount at only $149 per month.
  • Delivers expert credit services. You benefit from professional credit analysis, dispute resolution, score improvement, and credit coaching.
  • Speeds up dispute process. Utilize a swift 35-day dispute cycle, 10 days faster than many competitors, to expedite credit repair.
  • Boasts a stellar reputation. It has a strong industry standing and zero legal issues or complaints.
  • Lacks additional services, and doesn’t provide credit monitoring, identity theft protection, or goodwill letters; you need to seek elsewhere.
  • Imposes dispute limits. It restricts you to 15 disputes every 35 days, which may be insufficient for extensive credit issues.
  • Lacks legal support. It doesn’t have a legal team for complex credit matters or legal assistance.
  • Offers no tracking tools. It doesn’t offer a mobile app or online dashboard for progress tracking and account access.
  • Excludes special discounts, and doesn’t extend discounts to military members or specific groups.

Lexington Law vs. Sky Blue Credit Repair: Customer Reviews

The BBB gives Lexington Law a C- grade, but average customer ratings are only 1.17 out of 5. In the previous year, it has received several complaints, the majority of which are about billing and service issues.

Based on 585 reviews, Trustpilot awards a score of 2.9. Positive reviews praise professionalism, results, and communication, while unfavorable reviews complain about expensive costs, sluggish development, and poor customer service.

In comparison, Sky Blue Credit Repair has a stellar 3.25 out of 5 ratings and an amazing A+ BBB rating. It satisfactorily addresses concerns.

Reviews of Sky Blue praise its integrity, effectiveness, and assistance while voicing reservations about refunds, cancellations, and expectations.

Sky Blue does not have a Trustpilot rating.

Lexington Law and Sky Blue Credit Repair Competitors

Credit Saint: Offering three service tiers – Credit Polish ($79.99/month), Credit Remodel ($99.99/month), and Clean Slate ($119.99/month) – with a $99 setup fee. Enjoy a 90-day money-back guarantee, free consultation, and expert FICO professionals.

The Credit People: Opt for a single, no-contract service at $79/month or $499 for six months. Get a 60-day money-back guarantee, free credit report and score, and unlimited disputes.

Ovation Credit Services: Choose between Essentials ($79/month) and Essentials Plus ($109/month) with an $89 setup fee. Benefit from a complimentary credit consultation, identity theft protection, and personalized dispute options.

Pro Tips

  • Assess Your Specific Needs: Determine your credit repair needs. If you have complex credit issues and value legal expertise, consider Lexington Law. If you prefer a straightforward approach without legal involvement, Sky Blue Credit Repair is a better fit.
  • Budget Considerations: Evaluate your budget. If you’re looking for cost-effective options, Sky Blue Credit Repair offers competitive pricing. Lexington Law, though more expensive, provides additional services and legal support.
  • Dispute Volume: If you have a substantial number of negative items to dispute, Credit Saint is suitable with its higher dispute limits. Sky Blue Credit Repair and The Credit People have restrictions on dispute numbers.
  • Timeline Expectations: Consider your timeline. If you need quick results, Sky Blue Credit Repair’s 35-day dispute cycle can expedite the process. Keep in mind that credit repair is not instantaneous, regardless of the service you choose.
  • Additional Services: If you require credit monitoring, identity theft protection, or other supplementary services, Lexington Law is your go-to. Sky Blue Credit Repair focuses primarily on core credit repair.
  • Customer Reviews: Look at customer reviews and ratings on reputable platforms like the BBB and Trustpilot. Positive reviews indicate customer satisfaction, while negative reviews can highlight potential drawbacks.
  • Legal Assistance: If you believe you need legal assistance for credit-related matters, consider Lexington Law. It has a team of attorneys and paralegals well-versed in credit laws.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: If you want assurance, choose a service with a money-back guarantee. Credit Saint and Sky Blue Credit Repair both offer money-back services, providing a safety net if you’re not satisfied.
  • Free Consultation: Take advantage of free credit repair consultations. Many services, including Lexington Law and Sky Blue Credit Repair, offer free consultation, helping you understand offerings and how to support you.
  • Compare Pricing: Compare pricing structures, including monthly fees and setup fees. Make sure you understand the total cost of the service over time.
  • Personalization: Consider the level of personalization you desire. Sky Blue Credit Repair tailors dispute letters and offers more personalized services, while Lexington Law offers more comprehensive options.


Lexington Law suits you if you have credit report inaccuracies, legal disputes, and a need for expert guidance. It’s not for you with excellent credit or seeking budget-friendly options. Be cautious of potential extra charges and ongoing legal issues.

Sky Blue Credit Repair is ideal if you prefer simplicity, transparency, and budget-friendly credit repair. It’s not for you if you require extensive legal assistance or a wide range of additional services.

Consider your specific needs, budget, dispute volume, and timeline expectations. Check customer reviews and if you need legal assistance. Services like Credit Saint and The Credit People offer alternative options to explore.

Always start with a free consultation to understand your best fit and assess pricing structures for a comprehensive choice.

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