How to Get a Genisys Business Credit Card

(July 2024)

How to Get a Genisys Business Credit Card

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From the Great Lakes region, Genisys Credit Union’s business credit card has your business banking needs in check. With over 15 branches across Michigan, a twin city presence, and a flagship Philadelphia location, Genisys offers business banking and financing options across major Midwestern and Northeastern markets.

And that presence continues growing, with their business credit cards providing the purchasing power and rewards your company needs, no matter your industry or size.

Whether you’re in Michigan negotiating the auto supply chain, a Minnesota non-profit pursuing your mission, or an IT consultancy serving Pennsylvania’s second-largest metro, a Genisys business credit card brings convenience and value to your operations.

With features like cashback bonuses on everyday purchases, transparent APRs as low as 9.9%, and top-notch account managers, Genisys’ customizable cards provide the flexibility to optimize spending and earn on every employee lunch, trade show booth, or digital marketing campaign.

Now, review the steps to apply for the ideal Genisys business credit card for your organization’s expenditures and growth goals.


  1. Become a member
  2. Analyze your business goals
  3. Review the card options
  4. Check your eligibility
  5. Gather your business documents
  6. Apply for the card
  7. Submit your application
  8. Await approval


1. Become a member

To gain a Genisys business credit card, become a member. Becoming a Genisys Credit Union member is the first step when applying for its business credit cards. Here’s how the simple membership process works:

  • Visit their website and download a Genisys membership application. Alternatively, pick one up at any branch location.
  • Fill out the application with your personal and business contact details. Ensure all information is accurate and legible.
  • Make an opening deposit of at least $5 into a Genisys savings account. This minimum balance establishes membership.

Submit the completed application and your $5 deposit by mail to:

Genisys Credit Union

2100 Executive Hills Blvd.

Auburn Hills, MI 48326

Or visit a branch during business hours to drop off your application and open a deposit in person. Genisys will contact you once your application gets an acceptance.

The brief membership process gives you access to Genisys’ full suite of banking services and competitive lending products.

2. Analyze your business goals

To obtain a business credit card from Genisys, analyze your business goals. An important early step when applying for a Genisys business credit card is to carefully consider your short and long-term business goals. Different Genisys cards offer different benefits, so aligning to your aims optimizes the value.

For instance, if you operate a restaurant, you should prioritize a card with extra high cashback on dining and food purchasing or delivery. Saving on those frequent expenditures helps the bottom line.

Or perhaps your manufacturing business involves high material and equipment costs. Choose a card offering one of Genisys’ top rewards rates on general merchandise and supply store purchases.

If your priorities are low costs and flexible financing, opt for a card with 0% intro APRs on purchases and balance transfers. Minimizing interest saves significantly.

3. Review the card options

Take a look at Genisys Credit Union’s business credit card options now. You’ve got several choices to suit your needs, so review them carefully before making a decision. Compare the rewards, redemption options, interest rates, and costs of each card. Find the one that fits your expenses and financial goals perfectly. Remember, the right match means maximum utility for you.

Consider the Genisys Small Business Rewards Mastercard or the Business Credit Rewards Mastercard, or why not enjoy both? With the “Mastercard Double Play Rewards“, you can earn points on every $1 spent by simply signing up for transactions.

Redeem these points for travel, merchandise, gift cards, and more. Best of all, if you have the Genisys Business Credit Rewards Mastercard, you automatically enroll in the program for FREE. Access your “Double Play Rewards” account info and redeem points automatically through online banking.

4. Check your eligibility

To own a Genisys business credit card, check your eligibility. If you do not become a member directly, which is the major reason for your eligibility, you have the option to open a business account with Genisys Credit Union by having an affiliation with a select employee group. With nearly 450 different employee or associational groups, there’s a good chance you qualify for membership. Simply check with your employer or association to confirm your eligibility. Alternatively, you can reach out to a helpful financial services Representative at (800) 521-8440 or (248) 322-9800 for further assistance.

5. Gather your business documents

To have a Genisys business credit card, get ready to submit your business documents for approval by gathering the following essentials including two years of tax returns, bank statements, your EIN letter (Employer Identification Number), and financial statements.

Make sure you have all the necessary contact information, including:

  • Federal tax ID
  • Number of employees
  • Annual revenue
  • Estimated monthly expenses

Additionally, prepare your personal credit information to complete the application process. Having these documents in order will ensure a smooth and efficient approval process for your business with Genisys Credit Union.

6. Apply for the card

To anticipate a Genisys business credit card, apply for your Genisys business credit card. Follow these simple steps:

  • Start your application online at the Genisys website. Click on “Business Credit Cards” and choose the card that suits your needs.
  • Provide accurate details such as personal information, business address, tax ID number, years in business, and annual revenue.
  • Make sure to have important business documents on hand, including tax IDs, organizational documents, licenses, financial statements, and tax returns.

If you prefer an in-person application, visit a Genisys branch and speak to a financial services representative or business banker. They will guide you through the process and assist you with filling out the application correctly.

Before applying, review and accept the credit terms and cardholder agreement from Genisys. Thoroughly read and understand all policies and fees to ensure transparency and good decision-making.

Michigan and federal law governs the credit card agreement. Apply online through the Genisys website ( or visit a branch to apply and enjoy the benefits of a Genisys business credit card for your needs and financial goals.

7. Submit your application

To get a Genisys business credit card, submit your application. So, You’re almost there! Now, it’s time to put in your application and documents through Genisys Credit Union’s secure online portal.

Once you complete the submission, expect to receive a decision within one week. However, if you don’t hear back within that timeframe, don’t hesitate to follow up with them. It’s always a good idea to stay proactive and ensure a smooth application process.

Get ready to take the next step towards securing your Genisys business credit card and enjoy the benefits it offers. Submit your application now and let the approval process begin!

8. Await approval

To know if you will own a Genisys business credit card, await approval. Now, all that’s left to do is await approval for your Genisys business credit card. You should hear back from them soon.

Once you get a green light, your brand new card will arrive at your doorstep within 7-10 days. Make sure to call and activate it as soon as it arrives so you can start using it for your business needs.

To stay on top of your finances and rewards, simply log into your online or mobile banking account. From there, you can monitor your account activity, view statements, make payments, and even redeem your rewards.

If you have any questions or need assistance at any point, don’t hesitate to reach out to Genisys. Get ready to unlock the full potential of your Genisys business credit card and manage your finances with ease.


Getting a Genisys Business Credit Card involves becoming a Genisys Credit Union member, analyzing your business goals to choose the right card, reviewing available options, checking eligibility, gathering essential documents, applying online or in person, submitting your application, and awaiting approval. Did you get approval? If yes, activate your card and manage your account through online or mobile banking. Enjoy the convenience and benefits for your business needs.

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