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(June 2024)


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If you’re a small business owner seeking a credit card that keeps things simple and caters to your unique needs, Citi Business Credit Cards could be an excellent fit for you. These cards are crafted with your preferences in mind, providing an uncomplicated and personalized approach to credit card rewards.

Specifically tailored for entrepreneurs who value straightforwardness and financial adaptability, the rewards program aligns meticulously with common business expenditures, offering a practical solution for businesses with diverse spending patterns. The added benefit of versatile redemption options, including cash back and travel rewards, enhance the overall flexibility, ensuring that your rewards work seamlessly with your business goals.

While Citi Business Credit Cards shine through with its functionality and user-friendly features, it’s crucial for you to be aware of potential drawbacks, such as comparatively higher annual fees and a lack of extensive premium features. If your business involves global transactions, take note of potential foreign transaction fees.

Despite these considerations, rest assured that these cards stand out as reliable assets for small business owners like you, particularly if you value a transparent rewards system and streamlined expense management. Citi Business Credit Cards is a dependable choice for you if you prioritize simplicity and personalized rewards in your business financial strategies.

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  • Offer a simple and easy-to-understand rewards program, making it accessible for business owners who prefer clarity.
  • Provides rewards that are tailored to common business expenses which gives you value where your business spends the most.
  • Offers flexibility in how you redeem your rewards, whether it’s cash back, travel, or other options.
  • Provide introductory 0% APR periods, allowing you to make purchases or transfer balances without accruing interest for a set time.


  • Lack some of the premium features offered by competitors, such as airport lounge access or extensive travel insurance coverage.
  • Has a redemption process that is a bit more complex compared to other cards.
  • Offer lower introductory bonuses compared to some competitors, which might be less enticing for those seeking substantial initial rewards.
  • Require a relatively higher credit score for approval.

Who Citi Business Credit Cards Is Best For

Consider Citi Business Credit Cards if you:

  • Run a small business and value simplicity in managing your finances.
  • Find yourselves constantly on the move, whether it’s for business meetings, networking events, or conferences.
  • Do not like complicated rewards structures and want a credit card that’s easy to understand and use.
  • Want a card with a flexible rewards program that can cater to a variety of your business expenses such as office supplies, travel accommodations, or client entertainment.

Who Citi Business Credit Cards Isn’t Right For

Opt for better-suited cards with more tailored rewards for your specific needs if you:

  • Seek for a credit card with higher spending limits or a more intricate rewards structure
  • Prefer navigating complex rewards programs with multiple tiers and categories.
  • Want a credit card that comes with premium services like airport lounge access, concierge services, or extensive travel insurance coverage.
  • Have business expenses that are highly specialized and fall outside the usual categories covered by Citi Business Credit Cards.

What Citi Business Credit Cards Offers


Tailored Rewards for Business Spending

Enjoy Tailored Rewards for Business Spending. Citi Business Credit Cards understand that your business expenses are unique. Whether it’s office supplies, travel, or client meetings, expect rewards tailored to your spending habits.

Cash Back Rewards

Get ready to see some cash back in your business account. Citi Business Credit Cards offer cash back rewards, allowing you to earn money on your everyday business purchases.

Introductory 0% APR Period

Need some breathing room for your business expenses? Many Citi Business Credit Cards offer an introductory 0% APR period, allowing you to make purchases without incurring interest for a set time.

Business-friendly Account Management

Citi Business Credit Cards usually come with business-friendly account management features. This includes tools for monitoring employee spending, setting spending limits, and accessing detailed reports.

Citi Business Credit Cards Details

Costco Anywhere Visa® Business Card by Citi *


The Costco Anywhere Visa® Business Card by Citi offers an attractive rewards program with a potential 4% reward rate. For the initial $7,000 spent per year on eligible gas and EV charging purchases, cardholders earn lucrative 4% cash back, with the rate adjusting to 1% thereafter.

Additionally, the card provides 3% cash back on restaurant and eligible travel purchases, 2% cash back on Costco and purchases, and 1% cash back on all other transactions. Boasting a $0 annual fee for individuals with a paid Costco membership, this card eliminates foreign transaction fees and appeals to those with an excellent credit score ranging from 750 to 850. The variable APR is set at 20.49%, offering a comprehensive package for businesses looking to maximize rewards while enjoying a range of benefits.

CitiBusiness® / AAdvantage® Platinum Select® Mastercard® *


The CitiBusiness® / AAdvantage® Platinum Select® Mastercard® offers a rewarding experience with a potential 2X reward rate. Cardholders can earn 2X miles for every $1 spent on cable and satellite providers and select telecommunications merchants, as well as on eligible American Airlines purchases, car rentals, and gas stations. For all other purchases, users earn 1X miles.

The card further enhances its appeal with a welcome bonus of 65,000 bonus miles after spending $4,000 within the initial 4 months of account opening. The annual fee, set at $99, is waived for the first 12 months, making it an enticing option for those with an excellent credit score ranging from 750 to 850. With a variable regular APR ranging from 21.24% to 29.99%, this card combines practical rewards and a compelling introductory offer for businesses seeking a well-rounded credit card solution.

Where Citi Business Credit Cards Stands Out


These are the areas where Citi Business Credit Cards goes above and beyond, setting itself apart:

Straightforward Rewards Program

Citi Business Credit Cards keep it simple. The rewards program is designed to be easy to understand, making it a great fit for business owners who prefer clarity over complexity.

Tailored Business Spending Rewards

One size doesn’t fit all, and Citi gets that. The rewards are tailored to typical business expenses, ensuring you get the most value where your business spends the most.

Flexible Redemption Options

Enjoy flexibility in how you redeem your rewards. Whether it’s cash back, travel, or other options, Citi Business Credit Cards aim to give you choices that suit your business needs.

Introductory 0% APR Periods

Need some financial breathing room? Many Citi Business Credit Cards offer introductory 0% APR periods, allowing you to make purchases or transfer balances without accruing interest for a set period.

Where Citi Business Credit Cards Falls Short

Explore the areas where Citi Business Credit Cards may fall short for certain individuals or businesses:

Limited Premium Features

If you’re seeking a business credit card with premium features such as airport lounge access, concierge services, or extensive travel insurance coverage, Citi Business Credit Cards might not be the most luxurious option.

Fewer Bonus Categories

If you manage businesses with very specific spending patterns, the rewards categories offered by Citi Business Credit Cards might not cover all your needs. Some other cards may offer more diverse or specialized bonus categories.

Higher Annual Fees

Depending on the specific Citi Business Credit Card you choose, the annual fee could be higher compared to other business credit cards. It’s essential to weigh the cost against the benefits to determine if it’s a good fit for your business.

Foreign Transaction Fees

If your business involves a significant number of international transactions, be aware that Citi Business Credit Cards may charge foreign transaction fees. This can add up, making it less appealing for businesses with substantial global dealings.

Complexity in Reward Redemption

While the rewards program is straightforward, you might find the redemption process a bit more complex compared to other cards. If simplicity in reward redemption is a top priority for you, it’s worth considering.

Lower Introductory Bonuses

Citi Business Credit Cards may offer lower introductory bonuses compared to some competitors. If you’re enticed by a substantial initial rewards boost, you might want to explore other cards with more lucrative sign-up bonuses.

How to pick a Citi Business Credit Cards

Consider this step-by-step guide to help you pick the most suitable Citi Business Credit Card:

  • Assess Your Business Spending: Understand your business’s typical expenses. Different Citi Business Credit Cards offer rewards tailored to specific spending categories. Choose a card that aligns with where your business spends the most.
  • Define Your Rewards Preference: Determine whether you prefer cash back, travel rewards, or other perks. Citi Business Credit Cards offer various rewards structures, so select the one that maximizes the benefits you value the most.
  • Consider Introductory Offers: If you have planned major business expenses or balance transfers, consider a card with a favorable introductory offer, such as a 0% APR period or bonus rewards. This can provide immediate financial benefits.
  • Evaluate Annual Fees: Review the annual fees associated with each card. Ensure that the benefits and rewards offered justify the cost. Some cards may have no annual fees, while others may provide enhanced benefits with a higher fee.
  • Check Interest Rates: Examine the interest rates, especially if you anticipate carrying a balance. While introductory 0% APR periods can be advantageous, understanding the on-going APR is crucial for long-term financial planning.
  • Review Foreign Transaction Fees: If your business involves international transactions, take note of foreign transaction fees. Choose a card that minimizes these fees if global spending is a significant part of your business.
  • Explore Additional Benefits: Consider any additional perks offered by the cards, such as business-friendly account management tools, expense tracking features, or access to Citi Business Services. These extras can enhance the overall value of the card.
  • Check Credit Score Requirements: Ensure that you meet the credit score requirements for the specific Citi Business Credit Card you’re interested in. Applying for a card that aligns with your credit profile increases your chances of approval.

Alternatives to Citi Business Credit Cards

Chase Ink Business Cards

Chase offers a variety of business credit cards under the Ink Business line. These cards often come with competitive rewards, flexible redemption options, and business-specific benefits. The Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card, for example, is known for its generous sign-up bonus.

American Express Business Cards

American Express provides a range of business credit cards with diverse rewards and perks. The American Express Business Gold Card is recognized for its flexible rewards program, allowing you to choose bonus categories that suit your business spending.

Capital One Spark Business Cards

Capital One’s Spark Business Cards offer straightforward rewards and often come with no annual fees. The Capital One Spark Cash for Business is popular for its unlimited 2% cash back on all purchases.

Wells Fargo Business Cards

Wells Fargo offers business credit cards with features like cash back rewards and flexible payment options. The Wells Fargo Business Platinum Credit Card, for instance, provides a competitive rewards program.

Bank of America Business Cards

Bank of America provides business credit cards with various rewards structures. The Bank of America Business Advantage Cash Rewards Mastercard, for example, offers cash back rewards with no annual fee.

Customer Reviews

Citi Business Credit Cards have garnered mixed reviews from customers, with opinions varying across different platforms. On TrustPilot, a popular customer review site, Citi Business Credit Cards hold an average rating of 1.4 out of 5 based on customer feedback. Some users commend the straightforward rewards program and the tailored approach to business spending, appreciating the ease of use and practicality.

Many reviews mention frustrating experiences with customer service, difficulties in cancelling recurring payments, and ineffective dispute and fraud departments. These negative sentiments are further reflected in the 1.4 out of 5 overall rating on ConsumerAffairs. As with any financial product, individual experiences can vary, and it’s advisable for you to weigh these customer reviews alongside your own business needs and preferences.

Pro Tips

  • Analyse your business expenses. Choose a Citi Business Credit Card that aligns with where you spend the most to maximize your rewards.
  • Take advantage of any introductory offers, such as 0% APR periods or bonus rewards. It’s an excellent opportunity to save on interest or boost your initial rewards.
  • Familiarize yourself with the best ways to redeem your rewards. Whether it’s cash back, travel, or other options, choose the redemption method that provides the most value for your business.
  • Utilize Citi’s alert and notification features. Set up alerts for payment due dates, large transactions, or any unusual activity to stay on top of your account.
  • Be aware of all fees associated with your card, including annual fees, foreign transaction fees, and late payment fees. Understanding the costs helps you make informed financial decisions.


Citi Business Credit Cards highlight a mixed sentiment among users. While some customers appreciate the competitive rewards programs, flexible redemption options, and robust business management tools offered by Citi, others express concerns about customer service experiences and occasional issues with account management.

It is crucial for you to carefully evaluate your specific business needs and priorities to determine whether Citi Business Credit Cards align with your expectations. Ultimately, individual experiences may vary, and thorough research is recommended before making a decision on whether to choose Citi for business credit card needs.

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