Are Chase Credit Business Cards Worth It?

(May 2024)

Are Chase Credit Business Cards Worth It?

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Chase Credit Business Card

Chase offers different business credit cards where you can get the one that’s best for your business needs. You access reward points and miles as you use the business credit card to make business-related purchases. Also, Chase business credit cards come with welcome bonus—this varies from one card to the other, though. The type of business credit card you get determines the new customer bonus offer you attract.

Check below for more information about Chase:

JPMorgan Chase & Co

Corporate Headquarters

Address: 270 Park Avenue, New York, NY

Phone Number: +1-212-270-6000


  • Offers rewards for business spendings.
  • Gives welcome bonus.
  • Boosts business credit.
  • Separates business and personal expenses.
  • Enhances healthy business cashflow.


  • Requires a good to excellent credit score.
  • Attracts foreign transaction fees.

Who This Product Is Best For

Consider Chase business credit card if you:

  • Have a need for a large sum in order to meet your business need.
  • Maintain a solid credit score.
  • Need access to money urgently.

Who This Product Isn't Right For

You may consider another option if you:

  • Don’t have credible business and personal credit scores.
  • Are not running a business, but need cash for personal needs.

What This Product Offers

  • Ink Business Cash® Credit Card. If getting bonuses as you use a business credit card mean much to you, consider getting the Ink Business Cash® credit card.
  • Ink Business Unlimited® Credit Card. One cool thing about this card is that it offers you the best rate of all Chase business credit cards.
  • Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card. If your business requires a lot of travelling and you want perk travel rewards, get the Ink Business Preferred® credit card. Also, you get the best welcoming bonus on this card.
  • UnitedSM Business Card. This card offers the best airline perks. It is your best companion provided you travel by air often.
  • Ink Business Premier Credit Card. Want to get cash back on your traveling and major purchases? Apply for the Ink Business Premier credit card.
  • World of Hyatt Business Credit Card. Get bonus points on your hotel expenses with the Hyatt Business credit card.

Product Details

Ink Business Cash® Credit Card

You pay no annual fee and get between 1% and 5% cashback on all expenses with this business credit card. Plus, you get $750 bonus cash back after you make purchases equivalent to $6,000 within the first three months of opening the account.

Maintain a good to excellent credit score—anything between 690 and 850—in order to get the Ink Business Cash® credit card. Also, you pay 0% intro APR for the first 12 months with the ongoing interest rates resonating from 17.99% to 23.99%.

Ink Business Unlimited® Credit Card

Receive up to 1.5% cashback on every single business purchase you make with this credit card. Get the Ink Business Unlimited® credit card with a $750 reward bonus , redeemable after you spend up to $6,000 within the first three months of account opening. Again, you don’t pay no annual fee, yet you enjoy a zero percent introductory APR offer for the first 12 months. With a solid credit score, you get this business credit card at the ongoing APR of 17.99% to 23.99.

Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card

Receive up to 3 times bonus points on your expenses with the Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card. It offers you 100,000 welcoming bonus points after you make $15,000+ in purchases within the first three months of account opening, but you pay a $95 annual fee. Don’t forget, this card charges an intro APR and you require a stellar credit score in order to get it.

UnitedSM Business Card

If you’re considering a business credit card that offers perks on your airline traveling, consider the UnitedSM Business Card. Receive 75,000 bonus miles after making up to $5,000 within the first three months of account opening. On every dollar you spend, you get 2x bonus miles. UnitedSM Business Card charges $99 annual fee but effective after the first 12 months of account opening.

Ink Business Premier Credit Card

Get the best reward for your traveling and large business purchases with the Ink Business Premier Credit Card. You pay a $195 annual fee and receive $1,000 when your purchases reach $10,000+ within the first three months of opening the account. Not only that, you also get up to 5% charge back on every transaction you make.

World of Hyatt Business Credit Card

World of Hyatt Business Credit Card offers you 9 reward points on every dollar you spend at Hyatt. You pay up to $199 annual fee, but receive numerous perks on the World of Hyatt Business Credit Card, including 2 points on every dollar you spend at your fitness club, 1 point on every purchase you make, $0 foreign transaction fee, among others. Becareful to not consider this product if your credit score is less than anything between 690 and 850.

Where This Product Stands Out

Varieties of business credit cards

Chase offers different business credit cards where you can easily choose the one that’s best suited for your needs.

Cashback incentives such as reward points and miles

You get different perks with Chase business credit cards. From receiving a welcoming bonus to getting cashback and bonuses, Chase business credit cards have everything you require for a smooth business financial need.

Foreign transaction perk

Chase credit cards (not all, though) charges no foreign transaction fee.

Where This Product Falls Short

Credit score requirements

Chase business credit cards require a stella credit score. Maintain a credit score of anything from 690 to 850 in order to get any of Chase’s business credit cards.

High annual fee

Most of Chase’s business credit cards come with higher annual fees.

No Introductory APR

While you can get the intro APR for selected Chase’s business credit cards, most of them do not have the feature. You start paying interest as soon as you get the business credit card.

How to Qualify for This Product

Business credit card issuers have different qualification requirements. To know who to qualify for Chase business credit card, follow the following guidelines.

  • Credit card requirement. Before you proceed with you application, ensure you pass the credit score criteria. You require a good to excellent personal and business credit score starting from 690 to 850 on FICO scale.
  • Business revenue. Ensure your business is making profit before you apply for a business credit card.
  • Business longevity. Run your business for at least two years under your ownership before you apply for a business credit card.
  • Period of business credit cards application. Limit how often you apply for a new business credit card. Be careful to not be desperate for credit.

How to Apply for This Product

To apply for Chase business credit card:

  • Find the best fit for your need. Chase offers different types of business credit card with each one service unique purposes. Understand why you need a business credit card and choose the best one for your enterprise.
  • Provide your personal and business information. Chase requires that you submit your full legal name, email address, residential address, and annual revenue. Also, provide basic information about your business, including your business name, type, revenue, address, and tax returns.
  • Submit your application and await approval. Once you submit every required documents and provide the necessary information, submit your application. Expect a response from Chase within a few days of submitting your application. If the approval time takes longer, call +1-800-432-3117 in order to check the status of your application.
  • Make on-time payments and build your creditworthiness. Upon approval, Chase releases your business credit card with a fixed limit. Ensure you make on-time payments in order to qualify for better rates in the future and increase your business credit limit.

Alternatives to This Product

Wells Fargo Business Credit Card

Wells Fargo also offers different business credit cards where you can find the perfect one for your business. You can apply for the Wells Fargo Business Platinum Credit Card online or visiting a branch and the Wells Fargo Business Elite Signature Card via telephone (1-844-807-5060). Check through the business credit card options and select the best one for your business.

American Express

American Express offers up to 14 different business credit cards where you can find your perfect match. Choose the business credit card you want based on maximizing rewards or managing your expenses. The business credit card issuer offers rates according to business creditworthiness, but generally, American Express requires a good to excellent personal and business credit scores. Compare American Express offers with Chase’s offering and decide which issuer serves you well.

Customer Reviews

Chase receives an excellent rating of 4.00-star based on 4,620 customer reviews on Trust Pilot. Satisfied customers talked about the bank’s seamless transactions, ease of using the bank’s app while unhappy customers condemned the bank’s poor customer service.

Don’t forget that the rating is based on all the bank’s activities and not the business credit card service only.


We reviewed Chase credit business cards based on 20 data points in the categories of loan details, loan costs, eligibility and accessibility, customer experience and the application process. We rated Chase credit business cards based on the weighting assigned to each category:

  • Loan cost: 35%
  • Loan details: 25%
  • Customer experience: 20%
  • Eligibility and accessibility: 10%
  • Application process: 10%

Within each major category, we also considered several characteristics, including available loan amounts, repayment terms and applicable fees. We also looked at minimum credit score and time in business requirements and the geographic availability of the lender.

Finally, we evaluated Chase customer support tools, borrower perks and features that simplify the borrowing process—like online applications, prequalification options and mobile apps.

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